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The ambiguous term , usually referring to non-procreative sex, is sometimes used in legal contexts to include zoosexual as well as homosexual acts. Zooerasty is an older term, not in common use, for sex with animals in a manner. In , human–animal sex is occasionally described as farmsex , dogsex, or animal sex; these terms are often used regardless of the context or species involved.

Bestiality signifies a sexual act between humans and animals. It does not by itself imply any given motive or attitude. It is not always certain whether acts such as , intimate behavior, are considered 'bestiality' in all cultures or legal systems, or whether the term implies sexual intercourse or other activity alone. In a non-zoophilic context, words like bestial or bestiality are also used to signify acting or behaving savagely, animal-like, extremely viciously, or lacking in human values. The spelling beastiality is nonstandard, yet some experts suggest that this terminology might be more appropriate.