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In one study, psychiatric patients were found to have a statistically significant higher prevalence of reported bestiality than the control groups of medical in-patients and psychiatric staff. 5.3% of the men surveyed by reported sometimes fantasizing about having sexual activity with an animal during heterosexual intercourse. 7.5% of 186 university students questioned in a 1982 study said they had sexually touched or had sexual intercourse with an animal.

An run by the internet survey site obtained 76,500 responses between October 2000 and December 2006. Responses to the non-specifically worded question "What sexual aspects are you into?" with options "curious/mild/heavy" included: Bestiality-curious 8671 ; Bestiality-mild 4582 ; Bestiality-heavy 3133 . The respondents by age and gender were 67% male / 31% female; 12.1% age under 18 / 55.0% age 18-30 / 32.9% age over 31. A second internet survey on an entertainment website of around 6000 respondents which asked "Have you ever had sex with an animal" amongst several other unusual sexual acts, gave a result of 742 "sometimes" and 95 "frequently", with 1% preferring not to say. However, although open surveys with large response rates such as these may be suggestive, it is rarely clear how representative such surveys may be.